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Default gateway troubles

In past I had this issue on one very important laptop with Windows Vista. Sometimes it happened that local network (file shares, printer,…) was available but internet wasn’t. It was happening accidentally and I was not able to replicate it. … Continue reading

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MS Word 2010 startup issue

After installation of whole MS Office 2010 package you can get this strange error message. “There is insufficient memory or disk space. Word cannot display requested font.” What helps me is to save blank document as Word 2003 template into … Continue reading

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MS Exchange 2010 SP1 – Android active sync troubles

Once you apply any SP to a system it could break functional things to nonfunctional when some of them you can find immediately, some of them later on. From “the later error category” also the Active Sync on Android phones is … Continue reading

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Exchange 2010 SP1 applying..

When installing SP1 onto existing installation of MS Exchange 2010 server you should find more work with pre-requirements. I’m recommending to have the OS fully patched (just run Automatic Updates and update all) before applying the SP1 and also recommending … Continue reading

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Exchange server message filtering by transport rules (CZ)

This is a very short example of using “Transport Rules” in Microsoft Exchange 2007 and higher. I used it for filtering messages from unwanted TLD’s. I know this is not the solution for fighting with SPAM but as this was … Continue reading

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