MS Exchange 2010 SP1 – Android active sync troubles

Once you apply any SP to a system it could break functional things to nonfunctional when some of them you can find immediately, some of them later on. From “the later error category” also the Active Sync on Android phones is broken (I found it’s error on the Google Nexus One only but who knows on which other it will not work as well). The specific error message is “Cannot open connection to server” which doesn’t say much. The internet is working on the affected phone normally, you can log into OWA but the synchronization is having this error. I found there are two possible workarounds.
One is Phone action (Original post by Laurie Denness is here)
1. Download the 2.2 stock Email.apk from here using the Android browser. Don’t attempt to install it, let it go in to your download folder on your SD card.
2. Open a terminal on your device. I use ConnectBot. Gain root using “su”
3. Run: mount -o remount,rw /system
4. Run: mv /system/app/Email.apk /sdcard/backup_Email.apk
5. Run: cp /sdcard/download/Email.apk /system/app
6. Reboot for good measure
7. Set up your sync, and enjoy a refreshing beverage for your hard work
Server action & simple phone action
1. Delete all Active sync policies for phones on Exchange server
2. Delete account from your phone
3. Add account back to your phone
4. Once there will be hotfix available, apply it and create back all deleted policies again

Applied and working for me but before applying any change check with company internal policies if you can do it or if you need to wait for official update from phone vendor side.

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  1. Just what a brilliant blog on MS Exchange 2010 SP1 – Android active sync troubles | Michal Jakoube› !

  2. Weiter lesen says: Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

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